The following guidelines are the basis under which Priority Legal Services operates. These guidelines have been established to ensure that your expectations are completely met in every case.

What can you expect when using Priority Legal Services?

You can expect the highest level of professionalism and courtesy toward you, our client, as well as the person to whom we are serving process. We adhere to the highest possible ethical standards and you can be assured we will always be honest and direct with you. We strive to provide services that are convenient and hassle free.

Hours of Operation

  • Priority Legal Services normal business hours are 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
  • Service of process to business addresses will be made during normal business hours for that business.


  • The daily pickup and service schedule is planned in the morning. The earlier you request service the easier it will be to accommodate your request.
  • Requests for same day pickup and service received after Noon will be considered but not guaranteed. Late requests for service will be handled on an individual basis. All requests for same day service are subject to availability.
  • The documents must be ready when our server arrives otherwise you may be subject to additional charges or you may need to reschedule a new pickup time. This is handled on a case-by-case basis.

Document Requirements

  • Please send complete instructions with the documents on how you would like your service handled. 
  • We require prepayment so please include a check with the documents.

Service of Process

  • All service of process will be effected in accordance with the state and local rules unless otherwise instructed by the client.
  • Priority Legal Services places the highest emphasis on the safety of its process servers. Service will not be made in any situation deemed hazardous or dangerous to our process server i.e., the presence of a vicious breed of dog, visible weapons, hazardous road conditions, etc. Determination of a hazardous or dangerous situation will be at the sole discretion of the assigned process server.
  • After service has been completed, Priority Legal Services will prepare the proper return of service and either file it with court, if requested or return it to the requesting client to file. Filings will be completed in compliance with statutory requirements.  There will be an additional $25 fee to file the Return at all courts except Fairfax County.  There is no charge for Fairfax County courts.
  • In the event issues arise during the course of a service, the server will make every effort to contact the client’s office for guidance. If contact cannot be made, the server will take no action that could jeopardize the legitimacy of the service and will abort the attempt. No additional attempts will be made until the issues are resolved by the client.

The Standards of Service are the general procedural guidelines followed by Priority Legal Services. They may not cover all situations and will be applied to each case as we see fit.