Why Use a Private Process Server?

Nothing against our friends in law enforcement but using a private process server will save you time and money.  You and your clients will benefit from the expertise and know how of an experienced process server.  Before you make the decision to use the Sheriff, consider the following:

  • The original Sheriff’s Return could be lost by the court! If the original return is lost by the court or never returned to the court, there is no backup copy and no way to prove service!  The documents most likely will need to be re-served,  wasting time and money.  PLS maintains paper copies of every file stamped Affidavit of Process Server and can send you a copy if the originals are somehow lost.
  • Attention to details and getting the job done! If the spelling of the street name is slightly off, or there is some other defect in the address, the Sheriff will most likely return the documents as address not found.  Something as minor as having two letters transposed could cause the Sheriff to give up.  Our servers use logic and the power of Internet databases to help us find the correct address.  We don’t give up just because the street name may be spelled wrong.
  • Speed! There is no question that a private process server can get the job done quickly.  Our team of professional process servers allows us to accommodate requests quickly.  We can even do same day service if the need arises.
  • The element of surprise! When the sheriff shows up at a home or office, there is no question about what he is doing.  The seasoned litigant will know what is coming and may avoid service.  Our professional looking process servers have the element of surprise on their side and may be able to serve someone the sheriff cannot.
  • Accessibility and ease of use! It is often times difficult to determine service status with the Sheriff’s Office.  You will waste valuable time checking with the Sheriff’s Office or the clerk of the court to determine if service has been effected.  One quick phone call to PLS and you will know exactly where your service stands.  You will receive automatic email updates to keep you informed of the status of the service.  You will also receive an email notifying you when the service has been completed.
  • Can you afford to NOT use a private process server?

Don’t waste your time and your money.  Contact us today to arrange service.