Why use an insured process server?

Using a process server that carries liability insurance for errors and omissions is critical for YOUR protection!

We are all human and the possibility for mistakes always exists.  If you use a process server that does not carry the proper insurance, you will have no recourse if a critical error is made!  Imagine a scenario where you have a million dollar, slam dunk, personal injury law suit.  You are fast approaching a statutory deadline.  You have to work quickly.  You call the first process server you can find in the phone book and give him the service.  For whatever reason he forgets to serve the papers and you miss the deadline.  Where does the liability fall?  Who gets stuck paying for this mistake?

All employees and contractors of Priority Legal Services are covered under our one million dollar liability policy. It is a small detail but if the unthinkable occurs, it could make all the difference to you and your client!